Pictured: The Texas coast after Hurricane Ike hit in September 2008

10 Things You Thought You Knew About Hurricanes But Don’t

Common Myths and Reasons to Prepare

1. “I survived Hurricane Ike so I am sufficiently prepared.”

2. “If a natural disaster occurs, it won’t be that bad.”

3. “A natural disaster won’t happen to me.”

4. “Hurricanes like Ike and the 1900 Storm only happen every 100 years.”

5. “I don’t live near the coast, so I am safe.”

6. “Installing hurricane clips or completing other retrofits won’t guarantee there will be no damage after a hurricane, so I won’t bother.”

7. “If a natural hazard occurs, government will come to the rescue.”

8. “My house survived Hurricane Ike, so I don’t need to retrofit for hurricanes.”

9. “Even if a disaster occurs, there is nothing I can do.”

10. “Strengthening my house is too expensive and not worth the effort.”



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