Celebrating 1,000+ homes rebuilt and counting

“The GLO’s disaster recovery team continues working hard every day to help Texas families rebuild their homes and their lives following one of this nation’s largest and most destructive storms. Today we celebrate a significant achievement in helping more than 1,000 Texas families get back in safe, comfortable homes. The GLO disaster recovery team adapted quickly to the teleworking environment and incorporated innovative technologies, such as video conferencing for permit inspections, to keep the recovery moving forward. Hurricane Harvey’s destruction was massive, and the recovery is long and challenging, but the GLO will continue to work every day to help Texans rebuild.”
“When Hurricane Harvey was approaching Texas I was extremely anxious and concerned because I knew that a storm of this magnitude was going to have an incredible effect on our state and that the recovery was going to take years. But what I could not have fathomed was the amazing opportunity it would become to work with my team members at the Texas General Land Office and all of our partners and local communities, our builders and our vendors, and the folks that really care about making sure that these families have a safe and secure place to live. Now we are 1,000 homes completed and that’s just an incredible feeling to know that a thousand families are back home thanks to the work that we’ve done. This is really just a monumental effort and we couldn’t do it without all of the people involved and I’m so excited to be a part of the Texas General Land Office’s disaster recovery effort.”
“I am very proud that we have reached the milestone of rebuilding over 1,000 homes for our Texas citizens who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. I am part of the Homeowner Assistance Program that is administered at the Texas General Land Office. It is an honor to work for this program and for the state of Texas to ensure that our citizens are returning back to their homes Texas strong.”
“I’m so excited we just finished our one thousandth house. I can’t wait to build the next thousand. It’s been an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Texas.”
“To celebrate 1,000 homes completed, it’s a tremendous milestone and I thank the Texas General Land Office for everything we’re doing to make it come about. I’m a hurricane survivor. My home was damaged and it took us more than a year to get back into our home, so I know what it means to have your sense of safety and security taken away. I also know what it means to have it restored.”
“The Texas General Land Office recently reconstructed its one thousandth home as part of its Hurricane Harvey long-term recovery efforts. It is an honor to work with such a dedicated, highly skilled team that works tirelessly to put Texans back in their homes. This is a major milestone but we’re not done yet.”
“Being part of the team that’s built over a thousand homes for Texans after Hurricane Harvey is just incredible. We are so happy to be able to serve our fellow citizens in this manner. Thank you all for allowing us to be a part of this recovery process with you.”

“Thank you to the GLO’s Homeowners Assistance Program. I am now able to return home to a safer and healthier environment. One year ago, I applied for the program and could never have expected what was about to change my life forever. Thank you Commissioner George P. Bush and your wonderful team at the GLO. We were walked through the process and treated with complete professionalism.”

“My grandmother is a recent recipient of a new home located in Aransas County built by RM Quality Construction for the GLO of Texas Program. They would like to take the time to thank all those involved, who gave their time & resources to have a new home built to replace Ms. Alba’s home that was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. Ms. Alba is grateful for this blessing, without the efforts of so many good people involved this miracle would not be possible. This is a wonderful program that has & continues to help those in need.”

“I would like to take just a little moment to give my thanks to all personal involved in the construction of my home. The experience of seeing the construction of my home take place and finished was a great joy. I have had some experience in construction myself; I find that this house was built in a high standard construction techniques and quality. Every corner cut, nailed and painted was perfect, in the interior and the exterior.”

“This is why you do what you do. Providing unbelievable joy to so many families after years of constant turmoil compliments of mother nature.”




Official Account for the Texas General Land Office | Follow Commissioner George P. Bush on Twitter at @georgepbush. www.txglo.org

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Texas General Land Office

Texas General Land Office

Official Account for the Texas General Land Office | Follow Commissioner George P. Bush on Twitter at @georgepbush. www.txglo.org

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