Crosby: A Texas Community History Worth Saving

By: Dominique “Nicky” McAnespy, 2021 Save Texas History Essay Contest 4th Grade Winner

The 2021 Save Texas History Essay Contest invited all Texas 4th and 7th grade students the opportunity to submit essays answering the question “What history in your community is worth saving?” Nicky McAnespy, a 4th grade student at Crosby Elementary submitted this essay about her hometown of Crosby, Texas.

Crosby, Texas is a very interesting place. It is my hometown and where I was born. But, before that it had a very long history. It should be preserved so more people find Crosby special. Here are just a few things that make Crosby special in Texas history.

Crosby was first settled by an Irish immigrant named Humphrey Jackson. He was one of Stephen F. Austin’s “Old Three Hundred” given land in 1823. Before Texas was even a state. He was given a League and a Labor of land on the San Jacinto river 8 miles from Houston. He brought his wife and children. That is where Crosby is today! His tombstone is in Crosby. It is the oldest grave in all Harris County. There is a Historical Marker for him. People may not know that.

Crosby has lots of Czech history. In 1800 and 1900s many settlers came here. Mostly from places in Europe such as Slovakia, Bohemia and Moravia. They came here to plant farms, raise cattle, and have big families. Many are still here! Many old street names in Crosby are Czech family names. We have a big Czech festival every year. We love their good food like sausages and kolaches which are a sweet treat.

Once in time Crosby was a truly Texas railroad town. A place for rice, cotton, and also trees for wood. Crosby was a real city when a train station was built here. The railroad in Crosby started a post office, stores, cotton gins, schools and churches. The Texas & New Orleans Railroad made lots of business with Louisiana buying and selling things. Everything from Texas stopped here. This helped Crosby and Texas grow!

Crosby was even named for a railroad business man named Josiah F. Crosby. He was a Judge and important Texas lawyer too.

Crosby has a part of town called Barrett. First it was Barrett Settlement. Then it was named Barrett Station. It was a “Freedmen’s Town” a place for freed slaves after the Civil War. Many families of these successful settlers live in Crosby today!

Crosby is having a 200 year Bicentennial in the year 2023. Everyone is looking forward to it! Crosby has a Historical Society opening a museum very soon. There are also interesting books about Crosby history. They have many old pictures that are Texas history.

These are only a few things about Crosby history worth saving! It is my community but I like to think Crosby is everyone’s community. We love our great State’s history and all the different people who came here from everywhere as fast as they could.



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