More than Just the Alamo — Adina De Zavala and the Saving of Texas History

“Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe” — H. G. Wells

Adina Emilia De Zavala, 1929.[10]
Lorenzo de Zavala appears in the Muster Roll of the Republic of Texas, p. 47, Archives and Records Program, Texas General Land Office, Austin, TX.
[left] Adina De Zavala and schoolchildren in front of the Alamo. Photograph, Adina De Zavala (center behind group) and students at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas[11] [right] Dedication of a monument at the Mision Misión de Nuestra Senora se la Purisima Conception de los Hasinai. Adina De Zavala is on the right.[12]
Adina De Zavala (left) points at the keystone at the Spanish Governor’s Palace, Comandancia, San Antonio, Texas.[13]
Historical Marker at the grave of Adina De Zavala, St. Mary’s Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas.[14]



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